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We created a test system to detect a new coronavirus

In response to numerous requests from medical institutions, «Diamed Asia Test» LLP released a PCR-based test system to detect SARS-CoV-2, a new coronavirus that causes a dangerous disease - COVID19. The reagent kit determines the presence or absence of the genetic material of the virus in the human organism. The design of these test kits was approved by the FDA and WHO to determine the virus in clinical samples.

The kit is intended for scientific research and at the

registration stage for medical use in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Preliminary clinical validation was carried out in leading medical and research laboratories in Kazakhstan and Russia. Studies have confirmed the high sensitivity and specificity of the kit, which meets the international requirements.

The «Diamed Asia Test» LLP company is a unique domestic production platform in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of development and production of PCR test systems. The company's mission is to strengthen global laboratory capabilities to detect and prevent the spread of dangerous diseases such as COVID19.

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